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  • Miniaturized Transceivers and Antenna



Miniaturized, Ruggedized SDR Transceivers for Cyber-EW / COMMS / SIGINT Handheld Applications

Modular options allow enhanced capabilities (PNT, timing reference, pre-amps, preselection filters, etc).

Full development kit available with embedded IP enables rapid prototyping on a variety of mobile host platforms.



MX-103E In Development

  • UAV Cyber-EW payload pods – made up of multitudes of SDRs, and loaded with GOTS cyber algorithms
  • Aerial UAV payloads built out of modules of PA’s and Banded Antennas – but using the SDR banks as the core for C2 as well as DSP
  • Dismounted Cyber-EW manpacks – connected to Android tablets, phones, laptops
  • Dismounted, low power, remotely controlled “swarm jammers” – can be used as remotely controlled Cyber-EW delivery platforms
  • Dismounted deployed, disposable EW Units – for “drop and go EW” applications
  • Inside Antenna Structures – covert, handheld, DF arrays, custom
  • Dismounted wearable EW technology – no soldier intervention required, short range, low tech EW capability
  • Smallest SWaP SDR in the Industry today. MicroScan is a software defined, ruggedized, high performance, low SWaP, SDR Transceiver designed for customized COMMS, SIGINT, Cyber-EW, and DF applications where small size and application flexibility are important.
  • Multiple Missions Possible because of their small size they are ideal for handheld COMMS, manpack jammers, inside UAV pods, or even embedded inside 3rd party systems or antennas. Leave-behind versions optional
  • 70-6000 MHz (2-channel RX, 1 channel TX), 56 MHz IBW, which is ideal for manpack signal collection
  • Flexible, they are completely customizable for a customer’s mission and requirements. Spectranetix offers a Development Kit and Design Support Contracts so that Primes, VARs, and Developers can test their custom code and get their Programs and Products off the ground very quickly.
  • Separate Controllers: Controlled and powered by Android tablets/smartphones or Tactical Laptops through USB 2.0/3.0. IQ sample streaming to external PC RAM via USB
  • Redhawk and GNU Radio Support
  • Available FPGA Blocks of DSP Code

New features available: 1/10 Gbit Ethernet, Increased FPGA Resources, and Integrated GPS/Timing Module