ComScan® Systems

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ComScan® Systems

Complete U.S. Army CMOSS and The Open Group’s SOSA™ aligned architecture for building up any COMMS/EW/SIGINT system on airborne and ground platforms. Over half a million lines of CMOSS-compliant VICTORY/MORA and SDK/EDK code for systems integration and 3rd party apps. Up to six (6) or eight (8), on 11 or 13-slot versions, dual-channel, extreme high speed SDR transceiver cards can be loaded that serve C4ISR, COMMS waveforms, EW techniques, and Offensive Cyber applications. Functions as the Core subsystem in any C4ISR / EW / COMMS platform



ComScan CMOSS/SOSA™ 3U OpenVPX Chassis

  • COMMS – Provide voice and data communications across one or multiple waveforms. Can function as integrated communications relay or gateway.
  • EW – Integrated COMMS and Non-COMMS Electronic Support and Electronic Attack that is scalable across platforms and missions.
    Supports reactive and complex techniques.
  • SIGINT – Supports detection, collection, analysis, identification and storage of COMMS and Non-COMMS emissions.
  • DF – Multiple phase coherent channels for precision direction finding and geolocation.
  • Multi-Mission – Fully Open and Flexible Architecture that can be configured to perform 2 or more simultaneous missions or dynamically reconfigured in the field.
  • Fully integrated multi-mission capability, can do to COMMS, EW, and SIGINT covering from 1-18,000 MHz RF tuning range all in one single system
  • Software Defined, can host an array of mission applications (EW, Spectrum Survey, SIGINT) or communications waveforms (TSM, SINCGARS)
  • Fastest Scanning System in the Industry today, every EW Card channel can scan 1000 GHz (1 THz) of spectrum at 6.25 kHz FFT bin’s resolution per second
  • High Speed Analytics / Machine Learning, modular high speed processing FPGAs/GPUs are integrated in with the RF assets, so layers of AI/ML apps can be implemented
  • COMMS Gateway, with inbuilt waveforms and processors, the system can be an efficient battlefield comms gateway, that also has cognitive abilities to look for white space
  • Counters military-grade frequency hoppers, because of it’s fast speed and 320 MHz of IBW per card (dual channel 160 MHz IBW), up to 6 cards per chassis (for 1.92 GHz IBW)
  • Hosting of cyber offensive, and network-based threat exploitation payloads, it is specifically designed to host and deliver custom algorithms on Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA’s
  • Designed for integration onto multiple platforms, can be integrated into Land, Airborne, and Sea platforms with different “lego” blocks for the COMMS / EW system
  • 11 Slot OpenVPX VITA 65 Back-plane, with Red/Black separation
  • 6 payload slots, 2 on CS switch, 4 on non-CSS switch. No RF switch or SBC slots required
  • Timing buses to facilitate time and phase sensitive multi-channel applications like beam-forming or DF
  • 13 Slot Chassis with 8 payload slots available
Spectranetix Utility Plane Diagram