About Us

Who Are We

The core Spectranetix Team has been developing advanced Modular Open System Architectures for integrated C4ISR / EW / COMMS missions since 2000. We sell advanced turnkey Systems, as well as support the DoD, Primes, and Commercial Industry with quick reaction technology development and systems engineering. We are an innovative and agile engineering company that helps customers realize their goals. We pride ourselves in our ability turn customer problems to production solutions faster and at lower costs.

What Do We Do

We are the Industry leaders in the development and implementation of CMOSS and SOSA open architecture compliant hardware and software solutions. Our seasoned team of professionals are known experts in C4ISR, EW, COMMS, DF applications; from wideband transceivers, to long range receiver systems, to cyber-EW, to high speed DSP, all the way down to the operator workstations and user software interfaces. We provide custom built CMOSS / SOSA Systems, as well as provide full service hardware, software development kits, systems engineering and product design services from research to production. The team has invented many state-of-the-art techniques and commercial wireless technologies which can be used to help clients win their program pursuits. Finally, we provide advanced system-level COTS and custom-built software applications against customer requirements.

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